Ride Routes

2023 WNC Flyer Routes

Ride Routes will be emailed to all pre-registered riders when they are finalized. The routes are similar to past courses starting from Oskar Blues.

Elevation charts for each ride:

WNC FLYER elevation charts

There will be road markings prominently displayed along the route and especially at every turn. The colored directional arrows are Blue-30 mile, Yellow-50-mile, Orange-62 mile, and Green-100 mile and will be painted in this order near the side of the road.

Mountains can be viewed along The Hunter Subaru WNC Flyer route. All routes contain flat, rolling and hilly sections, and wind along two-lane roads through the country side and a few suburban areas. Sometimes, you’ll ride next to streams in the flatter sections.

SAG DRIVER Phone Number (please program in your phone) –  Danny Rector: 828-329-8863

Make sure you remember to glance down periodically during your ride and look for the following color coded road markings for the Flyer: Green – Full Century, Orange – Metric Century, Yellow – Half Century, Blue – Half Metric

2016 Flyer arrows-right


There are multiple rest stops along the courses. The volunteers will provide a variety of prepackaged food, water, and electrolyte mixes. Please let the rest stop staff fill your water bottles for better hygiene control. There will also be mechanic stations to assist you with any mechanical issues and there will be port-a-potties for your use. Every rest stop will also have a safety marshal and ham radio operator to help as needed.

Rest Stop locations/mileage by route (note planned availability)

Rest Stop Location 100 Mi 62 Mi 50 Mi 30 Mi Planned Availability
#1 Etowah Valley CC    32.5 17.3 30.3 17.3  9:15am – 11:40am
#2 Kanuga Conference Ctr 51.5 10:15am – 12:30pm
#3 Nana and Mommy’s 69.7 33.9 46.9 9:30am – 2:15pm
#4 Trans. County Animal Ser. 82.3 46.5 10:00am – 3:30pm


Please dispose of your trash and do not litter. There will be trash receptacles at all rest stops and the start and finish areas.

Some of the awesome mechanics:
Thanks to our local bicycle shops who support The Hunter Subaru WNC Flyer by providing mechanics at our rest stops:  Asheville Bicycle Company, Sycamore Cycles, Motion Makers Bicycle Shop, Liberty Bicycles, Asheville on Bikes, Youngblood Bicycles and Liberty Bicycles. 

Youngblood Bicycles     Sycamore Cycles            Motion Makers

Alex at Youngbloods             

Liberty Bicycles                   Asheville Bicycle Company


SAG DRIVER Phone Number (please program in your phone) – Danny Rector – 828-329-8863