The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club (BRBC) announced early-on Covid-19 restrictions for holding rides. These restrictions are still in place and the parameters we will follow for the 2021 WNC Flyer Ride.

We are moving forward as if we are having the event today and putting in safety protocols that would allow us to have our events safely right now. As the situation (hopefully) continues to improve, we will be able to back off on some safety protocols. It is better for us to plan on more restrictions and then ease up on these rather than try to implement them later on.

Safety is our #1 priority for our community and our riders. To make sure the ride is safe from start to finish we will implement various safety protocols. Here is a list of the safety protocols that will be implemented by riders at the 2021 WNC Flyer. If you are not able or willing to uphold these safety standards on ride day, we would ask that you please do not sign up this year for the ride.

Each participant in the WNC Flyer is responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them. The BRBC Board and the WNC Flyer Ride committee recognizes how important riding is to everyone’s physical and mental fitness during these Covid-19 times. We must all do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, riders must adhere to the following guidelines:

·        Prior to the ride, the Ride Director will brief all riders of the safety policies and procedures. This will be done via email prior to ride day.

·       Individuals with flu-like symptoms or preexisting medical conditions must not participate.

·       All riders must be Covid or flu-like symptom free for at least 14 days prior to any ride. And complete a COVID waiver prior to riding. This waiver will be sent out to pre-registered riders 48 hours prior to the WNC Flyer.

·       All participants will need to wear a mask or a face covering while assembling before or after the ride, and maintain prescribed social distances of at least six (6) feet. Masks are required when stopping at rest stops. In addition, at the after ride party at Bold Rock, if you are not actively eating or drinking a face covering is required.

·       We encourage you to bring your own hydration and fuel this year. While we will offer a few rest stops this year, they will have safety standards in place with mask and social distancing requirements. Only pre-packaged foods will be offered, this means no PBJ or open fruit.

·       All riders must be aware of the proper physical distancing policies and procedures.

·       Riders should not draft and should maintain at least three bike lengths between other riders.

·       Riders must maintain physical distancing during breaks, this includes at rest stops.

·       Ride groups shall be made up of no more than six (6) riders. If more riders show up then multiple groups must be formed with a two (2) minute or 1,000-yard gap between groups.

Your continual support and cooperation during these Covid-19 times is greatly appreciated. Without your support we could not this annual ride this year. If you have questions or want to discuss, please contact Daphne Kirkwood, WNC Flyer Ride Director or Joe Sanders, President of the BRBC.