2019 WNC Flyer Updates

2019 WNC Flyer Ride Updates: 

1. The WNC Flyer ride committee believes in keeping ride costs as low as possible for all cyclists in our region and community to be able to participate. So for 2019, we will not increase the cost of the ride registration fees.

2. We have noticed the amount of leftover food each year after our pre-ride party and we want to do our part in reducing waste from our event and helping our planet! With that said, we will continue to keep the registration pricing the same, and then have our post-ride meal as an additional add-on option for $5. That way if you plan to just ride and leave without eating, you will save $5 and we will have reduced the food waste. The ride will have three options for the post ride meal including your choice of BBQ, Vegetarian and/or Vegan lunch. For an additional $10 you can add-on a meal for your friends/family members that are joining you at the ride but not participating. We are re-vamping our vegan and veggie menu to have more options too! If you plan to stay after your ride to eat and drink, meals will need to be pre-ordered through online registration no later than May 23rd!

3. The four routes are currently under evaluation and will be updated for 2019. We want to make our ride safer and flatter (if that is even possible, since we are the flattest ride in WNC)! So don’t worry, we will not be making the routes more difficult.

4. You asked for it! We now have bib shorts to go along with our commemorative, custom-designed Giordana cycling jerseys. Jerseys and shorts can be purchased during online registration. The deadline to order jerseys and shorts is Thursday, March 28th at NOON EST.