Fletcher Flyer – Year Ten

The first Fletcher Flyer was held in 2003 and attracted 216 riders.  In 2013 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Fletcher Flyer and had over 800 registrants.  For the first time we had ride jerseys designed specifically for the Fletcher Flyer by Free Spirit Wear.  Also for the first time we hired an Event Manager, Jen Billstrom of Velo Girl Rides.  Jen’s husband, David Billstrom, volunteered to be the first Safety Director of the Fletcher Flyer and wrote our safety plan.  Jen and David did a terrific job and it looked like we were well on our way to having a record turnout when the rains came.  For the first time in Fletcher Flyer history it rained the entire day of the event.  Of the over 800 riders that signed up, about 400 brave people battled the elements and rode in spite of the weather.

EK Morley FF 2013