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Fletcher Flyer – Year Nine

Year Nine of the Fletcher Flyer By Jason Wilde Robbie asked me to help out with the 2011 Flyer as Ride Leader and handed me a detailed job description and timeline. The materials were clear and organized but definitely did not prepare me mentally (and physically) for the challenges that awaited. The Ride Leader for that year and the next communicated with rest stop owners, handled all of the rentals (chairs, tables, sound system,  truck, etc), was the right hand to the Director on event day, … [Read more...]

Fletcher Flyer – The Sweetser Years

Year Six, Seven, Eight of the Fletcher Flyer 2009---2011 by Robbie Sweetser It's interesting to think back on my involvement with the Fletcher Flyer. Many things I have forgotten. My initial involvement came when at the 2007 BRBC Christmas party Charlie Clogston asked for help on the 2008 Flyer. I offered to help out a little. Little is the key word! Little did I know Charlie was looking for someone to take over as ride director the following year and I was now director-in-training. My … [Read more...]

Fletcher Flyer – The Fifth Year

Installment Five of the History of the Fletcher Flyer by Joe Sechler As some may recall we were having rest stop problems at Brannon & Turnpike Rds and the one at the end of South Mills, I had to do a little business development and recruit land owners for two new rest stops: one being at S. Rugby & Hwy 64, and the other at School House & Banner. Coincidentally, Bill Crownover, Bob Edsall and I did half of the Fletcher Flyer (in November) and stopped at the strip shops at S. Rugby … [Read more...]

Fletcher Flyer – The Fourth Year

Year Four of the Fletcher Flyer – 2007 by Charlie Clogston In 2007, Joe Sechler applied his creativity to many areas of the Fletcher Flyer. He initiated BRBC's first on-line registration process through, with the help of Val Smith. He had gotten feedback that the after ride meal of hot and not dogs was not well appreciated. Even the cold turkey wraps the previous year had been in the back of the refrigerator and some had frozen. Joe explored alternatives and served a full BBQ lunch … [Read more...]

Fletcher Flyer – The Third Year

Year Three of the Fletcher Flyer By Charlie Clogston In 2006, Charlie Clogston moved to be ride director of the Hilly Hellacious and Joe Sechler took over the Fletcher Flyer. In his first year, Joe mostly continued the processes that were in place, to avoid too much change in his first year. But he spotted potential improvements in every process.  He recruited Jim and Val Smith to take over the registration area and they brought a new perspective. The biggest change that year was when the … [Read more...]