The Woman Behind the Jersey

by Joe Sechler (past Fletcher Flyer Ride Director)

A bit of trivia for you regarding Kathy Sarns, the designer of the BRBC FF commemorative jersey, which is fantastic, in my opinion.

In June of 2006, my wife and I did a private group, 12 day rafting trip through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of Alaska terminating at the Bearing Sea, the Arctic Ocean. Upon completion, we came back through Anchorage.

During the summer, there is a art, craft and food festival downtown each Saturday. We happened to be there on a particular Saturday and discovered a booth with Kathy Sarns and her display of her art and cycling jerseys. She and her husband, a (former) forest service fire fighter, lived in Anchorage. We talked awhile with her, telling her that, coincidentally, I had bought one of her jerseys in Fairbanks at a cycle shop before going into the bush. Liking it so much, we bought a second one that day for my wife.

Alaska License PlateIf you don’t know, Kathy is an award winning artist who, among her other achievements, won the Alaskan State contest for a commemorative license plate, celebrating the historic Klondike Gold Rush of 1898-1998. I’ve pasted below the license plate and the cycling jersey that we bought replicating the license plate. This jersey design has significant meaning to us as we backpacked for five days in 2002 one of the Goldrush trails that goes north over the Chilkoot Pass from Skagway into the Yukon. The little men in the design are hiking over the pass at the steepest part known as the Golden Stairs – a massive, swath of giant boulders that one must negotiate on all fours through the snow fields.

Congratulations to the Club for picking a truly outstanding artist for the design of the new BRBC jersey. I will definitely be ordering one as I have fond memories of the Fletcher Flyer having been a past ride director.