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The Woman Behind the Jersey

by Joe Sechler (past Fletcher Flyer Ride Director) A bit of trivia for you regarding Kathy Sarns, the designer of the BRBC FF commemorative jersey, which is fantastic, in my opinion. In June of 2006, my wife and I did a private group, 12 day rafting trip through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of Alaska terminating at the Bearing Sea, the Arctic Ocean. Upon completion, we came back through Anchorage. During the summer, there is a art, craft and food festival downtown each Saturday. We … [Read more...]

Fletcher Flyer – The Second Year

Year Two of the Fletcher Flyer By Charlie Clogston The month before the second Fletcher Flyer began with a tragic event. Greg Wilcox, who originated the route concept, was found in a deep ditch, fatally injured in a bike crash. There was no evidence of any involvement of a car so the cause remains a mystery to this day. We dedicated the Flyer that year to the memory of Greg and all he had done for the BRBC with the Flyer and as webmaster. After the first Flyer, Greg had told his mother, Ruth … [Read more...]

Fletcher Flyer – The First Year

In anticipation of the second decade of offering the Fletcher Flyer, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at our past. I hope you enjoy learning about the Flyer and are ready to make history on our 11th annual ride. -- Ben Elderd The First Year by Charlie Clogston The concept of a relatively flat riding event came from the mind of our webmaster Greg Wilcox. He observed that all of the cycling century events in WNC were climbing rides and they touted the number of feet of climb … [Read more...]